About Veolia in The Netherlands

Energy transition - circular economy - secondary raw materials

"Our mission is to ensure that sources are not depleted by managing scarce resources and creating new ones. We are committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the environment and building the circular economy."

We do this by providing our customers with sustainable solutions for energy, water and secondary raw materials. We join forces with our customers to manage scarce resources, but also to make the most efficient use of them. Think of the transformation of polluted water into sustainable thermal energy, or the conversion of coffee grounds into a fuel source with the aim of providing utility services, and the upcycling of plastic into high-quality new raw materials that fit within the circular economy.

Veolia worldwide

Veolia is a prominent company in the field of environmental services. We have been active in the Netherlands for over 40 years and support our clients in the sectors of food, chemicals, oil and gas, education, healthcare and local authorities. The 700 employees of Veolia in the Netherlands are part of the largest global supplier of environmental solutions. Together with our more than 170.000 colleagues worldwide, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions based on best practices, protection of the environment and a better quality of life for others.


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