Plastic Recycling

Veolia Polymers has been active in the field of plastics recycling since 1969. Our focus is on the development, production and sale of high-quality compounds based on recycled polypropylene (rPP), a modern and versatile plastic. Our production site is located in Vroomshoop, the Netherlands and is the Centre of Excellence of Veolia Worldwide. 

Veolia Polymers has acquired great expertise in upgrading PP. This experience makes us a leader in the field of reusing this raw material. A guarantee of high quality and consistent products. Comparable to that of new material. New products are constantly being developed in cooperation with other parties. By continuously innovating and improving, we are a reliable partner for the long term. 

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Constant quality and availability

Crucial for optimal PP recyclate is having a grip on raw materials. This means having knowledge of the raw materials themselves and of the market in which they are available. Besides quality, availability is of decisive importance in achieving a PP recyclate with the properties that our customers want. Reliable, available and affordable, these are what we can be held accountable for.

Clear purchasing specifications for raw materials also determine the quality of the final recyclate. A strict control of properties and composition, tested and measured according to international standards, is therefore our day-to-day practice. In a dynamic market such as ours, the purchasing process occupies an increasingly important position. By involving suppliers more closely in our production processes, we guarantee quality and secure volumes.


Veolia Polymers bases its recyclate on two types of raw materials:

  1. Post-consumer raw materials derived from food packaging
  2. Post-consumer raw materials derived from various consumer products (household items, garden furniture, etc.)

The blending of both types gives us the opportunity to put together PP recyclates with a wide range of properties. This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to the demands and needs of various sales markets.


Veolia Polymers annually produces more than 45,000 tonnes of PP recyclate in a sustainable manner from consumer waste streams (e.g. food packaging).

Our process

We offer an extensive range of PP compounds developed in house. Customer-specific developments are also among the possibilities. Our R&D department translates all your wishes into the optimal PP compound for you. Properties can easily be adapted for a second, third or even fourth life. In the same or an entirely different application. Smart reuse preserves the value of PP, saves scarce minerals such as oil and protects the environment. Our materials are used successfully in a growing number of applications and markets.

A 100% input check on the most important properties forms the start of our upgrading process. Once released, the various raw materials are mixed according to specific formulations and then compounded. During this process the material is melted and homogenised. Various smart additives bring the material further to the desired specification. These include colour, viscosity, stiffness and impact resistance. Finally, the material is purified and stripped of unwanted substances (metals, paper, moisture, etc.).

The final release procedure runs via our own laboratory. A meticulous check determines whether the customer specification has been met. After approval, the material is provided with a certificate of analysis and delivered to the customer.

Quality control

At Veolia Polymers we have state-of-the-art analysis techniques to characterise our recyclates. Qualitative methods such as DSC, IR and XRF allow us to determine the composition and trace any contamination. The determination of the most important mechanical properties, such as stiffness, impact strength, and processing properties, such as melt index, is done in accordance with international testing standards.

Certified quality

Because we do not rely on our experience alone, all processes are described, monitored and improved where possible. The Eucertplast certificate offers our customers additional security regarding the sustainable production of our products.

EUCertplast Certificate 2021 (264.3 KB)
ISO 9001:2015 (687.68 KB)

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of recyclate for your company or product?

Then contact us on telephone number +31 546 66 77 88 or send us a question or comment using the contact form below. We will be happy to advise you. 

Using our recyclates makes your products circular and reduces your CO2 footprint.

PP recyclate: raw material of the 21st century

Our product range consists of a number of standard grades, specially developed for injection moulding and thermoforming applications.

Assortment Overviews

Through a growing number of application possibilities, our R&D department is developing new recyclates on a daily basis. Are you looking for a recyclate in a certain colour or with other specific properties? Then please contact Jaco Wolters (+31 683662442). We will be happy to tell you about the possibilities.


Contract work

Do you want to upgrade your own scrap for reuse, or do you need to have compounds manufactured on the basis of your own recipe? Our expertise and machines are at your disposal, not only for PP but also for most other plastics. Curious about what we can do for you? Then please contact Jaco Wolters (+31 683662442). We will be happy to tell you about the possibilities.

Expertise makes the difference

For our customers, we are not only a producer, but also a source of information and a development partner. On the basis of special requirements and wishes, we develop customer-specific recyclates that are precisely tailored to our customers' unique product specifications and production processes. Whether it is car parts that need to withstand rough handling, transport crates or weatherproof garden furniture.

We confess color

Colour grading, pre-separation of raw materials and colouring techniques developed in house have greatly expanded our colour palette. The time of just black is definitely over. In many applications where colour is important, our products replace new materials. This lowers your cost price while at the same time making your product more durable.

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Plastic is valuable

Plastic products are all around us; In our cars, clothes, appliances but unfortunately also increasingly, by burning and littering, in our environment. It makes our lives more pleasant, provided that it is not burned or thrown away after use, but reused. Fortunately, more and more consumers and companies are aware of this need.

Through our expertise and years of experience, we can help you convert your product from virgin material to recyclate. Our materials make your product circular and therefore more sustainable without having to compromise on efficiency and quality.

By replacing 1 kg of virgin polymer with recyclate, you save 1.5 kg of CO2.





Veolia has developed together with Dijkstra Plastics and Koninklijke van Wijhe a paint bucket that consists of 100% recycled plastic.


Veolia and Reckitt work together to increase the amount of recycled plastic in Reckitt's packaging.

One of the projects is the new packaging for the Finish Quantum product (dishwasher tablets). The use of recycled polypropylene was a challenge, because of the colour and smell. However, Veolia persevered and developed a client specific material that met the strict aesthetic and technical requirements.


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